Baby Tooth Land

Baby teeth are precious keepsakes of those magical childhood years.

Virtually all parents save their children's baby teeth - they just don't know what to do with them.

Give baby teeth a home in family memories with our wonderfully sentimental baby tooth keepsakes.

At Baby Tooth Land, we have everything you need to treasure those precious toothless moments and to create a truly unforgettable visit from the Tooth Fairy.

About Us

As parents of two beautiful children, we have celebrated our share of "baby tooth" moments.

From the moments of joyful elation when we noticed our babies first tooth appear, to the magical tooth fairy transformation when they started to lose their baby teeth.

We think baby teeth are just adorable. So tiny and cute, so perfectly straight and so flawlessly aligned.

Like precious little pearls, baby teeth are a once in a lifetime treasure that are worthy of being cherished. They embrace the innocence of childhood and capture precious family memories. We remember how my son lost his first tooth - it was punched out by his little sister!!

Save, organise and cherish your child's precious baby teeth with the Baby Tooth Album range of baby tooth keepsakes. 

Now parents no longer have to contend with using zip lock bags, envelopes or tiny tooth boxes to store their child's precious baby teeth.

Celebrate those important milestones in your child's growing years with our wonderfully sentimental Baby Tooth Album Keepsake Books.

Embrace the memories and cherish each "baby tooth" moment ...

Once-in-a-lifetime treasures, baby teeth are precious keepsakes of those wonderful childhood years. Embrace the memories of your child's toothless years with our adorable baby tooth keepsake books.

Now parents no longer have to contend with using a first tooth box, zip lock bag or envelope to save and store their child's baby teeth. Treasure these beloved childhood mementos and never worry about losing them again.

Celebrate the Tooth Fairy tradition ... add sparkle to the Tooth Fairy visit with our delightful range of Tooth Fairy bags, door hangers and Tooth Fairy letter stationery paper. 

Save, organise and cherish baby teeth in our uniquely sentimental baby tooth savers. Comes with a Baby Tooth Chart to track & record the dates of each toothless moment.

Wholesale Enquiries

We are the authorised and exclusive distributor of the Baby Tooth Album range of baby tooth keepsakes in Australia & New Zealand.

Invented by a dentist-dad in California USA, the Baby Tooth Album has been tested and approved by parents worldwide, winning several awards for product innovation.

If you are interested in becoming an authorised stockist of our baby tooth keepsake and tooth fairy range, please get in contact with us by filling in this wholesale application form.

The Baby Tooth Album fills a void for hopelessly sentimental Aussie & NZ mums looking to cherish and capture baby memories for a lifetime.